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Domestic Violence and Protective Order

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Protective orders and peace orders are requested by people who have been threatened, stalked, or harmed by family members or acquaintances. Also widely known as interim or temporary restraining orders, these are court orders that are put in place in emergency situations. But they only last a few days, until a hearing can be had to determine if there is a continuing danger warranting a more lasting order.

Protective orders are frequently requested after an incident of domestic violence is claimed. Unfortunately, they are often abused by a spouse filing or about to file for divorce, thinking this will give them an advantage in child custody determinations.

Peace orders apply to someone not related to you by blood. For example, if you had a dispute with a neighbor that might become violent, one of you might request a peace order via the police and a judge would issue it.

The final hearing is very important if you are either a party wanting a permanent order or the subject of the order wanting to clear your name. Victims of violence or threats often fail to realize that proof must be made by "clear and convincing" evidence that there is a continuing threat to them. We can help you make the best case to protect yourself.

Unjust Protection Orders Lawyer

If an order has been issued against you, attorney Janelle Ryan-Colbert can help you avoid a permanent order. If proven, a final protective order can significantly impact many different areas of your life. It can affect your job, your reputation, and your rights to custody of your children. Contact attorney Janelle Ryan-Colbert Protective Order Lawyer in Hyattsville, Maryland, to discuss the details of your case. We can explain the options available to you under the law and fight for your rights. We advocate aggressively for our clients and aim to achieve the best possible results.301-576-6200