Maryland Divorce Mediation Attorney


In more than 10 years of experience serving clients in the DC Metropolitan Area, attorney Janelle Ryan-Colbert has learned that difficult family law problems require creative solutions. The Colbert Law Firm provides skilled and compassionate mediation of legal disputes as a first step in family law and divorce matters, as well as an alternative to many types of traditional litigation.

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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an informal dispute resolution process. Traditional court litigation requires a level of formality that can burden a divorcing couple with great expense and delay, and a trial can often become highly adversarial and combative. Mediation can significantly lower the costs of obtaining a divorce or resolving a child custody or visitation dispute. Divorce mediation can allow you and your spouse to maintain a good, working relationship long after an amicable divorce agreement is reached.

Skillful Mediation Services by a Highly Qualified Mediator

With a certification in mediation and membership in Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME), Attorney Colbert has built a solid reputation for divorcing couples, and she has achieved high settlement rates. Her ability to identify shared interests and secure agreements can help successfully mediate your divorce or assist you with visitation and custody dispute resolution.

Certified Mediator: Resolving Divorce as Amicably as Possible

In Maryland, the process of divorce can start and end with mediation. Parties to divorce mediation must agree to prepare all of the necessary documents for a divorce and are called upon to resolve their differences without the need for a judge or trial. If an amicable divorce agreement or custody dispute resolution can be reached, a divorce can be settled without added delay and expense. Since a lengthier and less friendly divorce process would often yield the same or similar results, both sides and the children can win with divorce mediation.

Family law attorney Janelle Ryan-Colbert is certified and skilled in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Her ability to identify and formulate mutually positive solutions to legal problems has pushed her to the forefront of this emerging area of the law. Divorce mediation may be an attractive and workable solution your disputes. Contact our office at 301-576-6200 to see how divorce mediation may help make your legal problems simpler, less expensive, and better for everyone involved.